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The men of the twenty-ninth century live in a perpetual fairyland, though they do not seem to realise it.

Bored with wonders, they are cold towards everything that progress brings them every day. It all seems only


If they compared it with the past, they would better appreciate what our civilisation is, and realise what a

road it has traversed. What would then seem finer than our modern cities, with streets a hundred yards wide,

with buildings a thousand feet high, always at an equable temperature, and the sky furrowed by thousands of

aero-cars and aero-buses! Compared with these towns, whose population may include up to ten million

inhabitants, what were those villages, those hamlets of a thousand years ago, that Paris, that London, that

New York - muddy and badly ventilated townships, traversed by jolting contraptions, hauled along by horses -

yes! by horses! it's unbelievable!
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If they recalled the erratic working of the steamers and the railways, their many collisions, and their

slowness, how greatly would travellers value the aero-trains, and especially these pneumatic tubes laid

beneath the oceans, which convey them with a speed of a thousand miles an hour? And would they not enjoy the

telephone and the telephote even better if they recollected that our fathers were reduced to that

antediluvial apparatus which they called the 'telegraph'?
It's very strange. These surprising transformations are based on principles which were quite well known to

our ancestors, although these, so to speak, made no use of them. Heat, steam, electricity are as old as

mankind. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, did not the savants declare that the only difference

between the physical and chemical forces consists of the special rates of vibration of the etheric particles?

As so enormous a stride had been made, that of recognising the mutual relationship of all these forces, it is

incredible that it took so long to work out the rates of vibration that differentiate between them. It is

especially surprising that the method of passing directly from one to another, and of producing one without

the other, has only been discovered so recently.
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So it was, however, that things happened, and it was only in 2790, about a hundred years ago, that the famous

Oswald Nyer succeeded in doing so.
A real benefactor of humanity, that great man! His achievement, a work of genius, was the parent of all the

others! A constellation of inventors was born out of it, culminating in our extraordinary James Jackson. It

is to him that we owe the new accumulators, some of which condense the force of the solar rays, others the

electricity stored in the heart of our globe, and yet again others, energy coming from any source whatever,

whether it be the waterfalls, winds, or rivers. It is to him that we owe no less the transformer which, at a

touch on a simple switch, draws on the force that lives in the accumulators and releases it as heat, light,

electricity, or mechanical power after it has performed any task we need.
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