Most Important Keyword Places

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Most Important Keyword Places

Postby forum2post » Fri Aug 07, 2009 2:46 pm

What’s most important places where we can place keywords:

1. Keywords in meta title tag
2. Keywords in meta description tag
3. Kewords in H1 header
4. Key words naturally occurring about 1% of the time on the page
5. Keywords in footer
6. keywords in URL
7. And lastly, Keywords in anchor text of inbound links
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Re: Most Important Keyword Places

Postby forum2post » Thu Aug 13, 2009 7:35 am

Fifteen places you must put your Keyword Phrase and the why behind it…

Welcome to another direct, to the point and content rich edition of The Keyword Informer.

In this issue, we're going to look at the various places you want to utilize and place your preferred keyword phrases.

I have already conveyed a number of the points that will follow in different articles, discussions, and especially in the weekly NicheBOT Quick Fix Clinic and Live Q&A Show. However, I was looking to create a combined list (a sort of checklist) that one can easily reference to make sure they are not missing any hotspots. ;)

And rather than include a simple quick list of all the places to put your keyword phrases, I've included a short discussion as to the why behind it so you have the proper foundation in the placement of your keyword phrases.

Some of the following places are obvious, some of them may not be. Either way, I've included visual aids within this article as well for the next time you approach your next website renovation or promotional project.

1. Keyword phrases in your domain names - some may initially think this is for some huge SEO (search engine optimization) benefit to have the keyword phrase in your domain name. Wrongo!

As most of NicheBOT subscribers know, offpage factors that entail getting backlinks to a site can heavily outweigh any type of SEO benefit from having the keyword phrase in the domain name.

The main reason to have a keyword phrase in the domain name is that the 4th line of your search engine listing shows your domain name. Having a keyword phrase as part of your domain name can have a very big psychological pull on web surfers.

Sure — if you've got some good brand awareness like — it's not all that necessary. But if you're building out targeted travel sites for a specific region, then having a targeted domain name with specific geographic regions in the domain name can get the click at the search engine listing level before another domain name does.
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