SEO Techniques to Remember

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Re: SEO Techniques to Remember

Postby jacksonp » Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:17 am

The points which I want to add for SEO are:
Content Creation:
Google likes fresh content.It always avoid duplicate literature,so that it is very important to create fresh and helpful content by our own.

Social Media:
That is the most important way for generating the natural traffic,also good for generating good contacts.The main points for which we should take care are "Highly Relevant Backlinking" and "Naturally Occurring Backlinks".

In Indexation is simply related on relevant search engine index.It is nothing but getting optimum pages in whatever the search engine.The variation of ranking is the effect of Indexation.Here are few points for batter indexation:
Tamplets with fresh navigation
Rewriting lacklustre titles and meta tags
Relevant Authority Backlinks

Crawl Frequency:
Crawl Frequency is simply refers that how many times(How frequently) the search engine crawel the particular content or the site.As per simple logic of frequency the particular site or content is upgraded,it will crawled more effectively and efficiently.Parameters of links and domain authority also palys important role for frequency...

Real Time Search
Google Real Time search is Google’s relevance technology meeting the real-time web..Real-time search offers not just a stream of data, but an organised stream filtered of spam and other irrelevant information.
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